About us

HiLoad LNG AS is a fully-owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine Ltd.

The HiLoad technology has been developed through a comprehensive development and qualification process over the last 15 years, including 7 model tests and extensive research activities. With full trading flexibility and a high utilization of the LNGCs, thereby keeping the shipping costs at a minimum, the technology solves one of the major FLNG-related challenges.


The HiLoad Arc Loading System (ALS) enables LNG offloading operations from a cylindrical unit to conventional LNG Carriers, with high offloading regularity- and safety


The HiLoad Parallel Loading System (PLS) enables safe LNG offloading operations from a turret moored ship shaped unit to conventional LNG Carriers, while the HiLoad DP Side Loading (DSL) removes the need for tugs when maneuvering LNG Carriers into side-by-side configurations.


The FRD solution will offer a lower cost compared to conventional Floating Storage and Regas Units. The main element in bringing the costs down is the reduced costs associated with LNG storage.  An old Moss carrier with a minimum of modifications will be used for LNG storage.


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