Arc Loading systems

Arc Loading Systems

The HiLoad Arc Loading System (ALS) consists of three reels with cryogenic floating hoses (20 inches, 20 bar) connected to the LNG hose coupling arrangement on the HiLoad LNG.


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Why arc systems offloading

A distance of 200 m is selected as the “safe distance” between the cylindrical Sevan FLNG and the LNGC (position of reels) during the LNG offloading operation, with the purpose of keeping the LNGC’s position within the DP operating envelope, using the thrusters and DP system on the HiLoad LNG. The LNGC rudder and main engine in constant “Dead Slow Ahead” mode is used to provide heading control.

The system has a 360 degrees operational area, enabling high offloading availability and FLNG offloading uptime.

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