Floating Regasification Dock

A jettyless FSRU solution

Floating Regasification Dock

The floating regasification dock (FRD) concept is based on the following three main components:

-A Moss carrier used for LNG storage

-The floating dock with regasification equipment

-A gas flowline to shore

Why choose a FRD solution for the offshore regasification project?

For many small and medium size regas prospects the FRD solution will offer a lower cost compared to conventional Floating Storage and Regas Units. The main element in bringing the costs down is the reduced costs associated with LNG storage.  An old Moss carrier with a minimum of modifications will be used for LNG storage.

key facts

Wave height

Designed for operation with significant wave height up to Hs = 6m

Tsunamies and Earthquakes

Desgined to handle tsunamies and earthquakes

Operational uptime

High operational uptime.

Weather vaning

360 degrees weather vaning

Proven technology

All components based on proven technolgy

Cost effeicent

Cost effeicent compared to conventional FSRU's.

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